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lose weightSpring is almost upon us and with the nicer weather comes the reminder that soon, it’ll be beach season. Generally, our lifestyle habits during the wintertime are not conducive to maintaining a healthy weight, so it’s no wonder most of us end up packing on some pounds during the holidays. And once March hits, it’s time to seriously lose weight – shedding some of that excess fat and getting your body ready for summer!

But when you’re trying to lose weight, it feels like nothing works fast enough. And if you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for, it’s easy to get discouraged and go back to your regular unhealthy habits. However, there are some great ways you can jump start the process and start watching the pounds melt away – just follow these tips.

Make time for breakfast and lose weight

Tons of people think skipping breakfast is an easy way to cut calories, but the truth is that when you don’t get your metabolism going first thing in the morning, you’ll just end up feeling sluggish. Chances are, you’ll also be starved by mid-morning, and end up overeating at lunch as a result – so even though you’ve consumed less calories initially, you make up for it by bingeing or snacking for the rest of the day. Instead of grabbing a coffee on the go, start the day with some high fibre foods that will keep you feeling satisfied for hours.

Sweat it out

Sweat is a great way to burn fat – whether you’re dripping after a hard workout or just spending time in a steam shower or sauna. Everyone knows exercise can help with weight loss, but sweating as a result of being in a hot, humid environment like a steam shower stimulates your body in many of the same ways. You’ll drop tons of uncomfortable water weight with a good steam session, but keep in mind that all that sweating will leave you dehydrated if you don’t refuel afterward. If your gym has a steam room or a sauna, you can reward yourself with a relaxing steam after a tough workout – enjoying double the benefits!

Bring in some supplements

There are tons of supplements that can help stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight, but the most effective thing you can add to your healthy diet is garcinia cambogia. This rind of this tropical fruit contains a high concentration of hydroxycitric acid, which has proven an effective tool to accelerate weight loss. Not only does this supplement raise the level of serotonin in your brain to curb your appetite, it also blocks your body’s production of citrate lyase, an enzyme used by your body to produce fat. Garcinia cambogia can also help your body use glucose, making this an especially good supplement for people with high blood sugar or diabetes.

Stay hydrated

Not only is drinking enough water an important part of maintaining your overall heath, increasing you water intake is a great easy change you can make as part of a weight loss program. Drinking water can actually increase the number of calories you burn while you’re at rest – meaning that even if you aren’t making any other changes to your lifestyle, you’ll still see some pounds coming off. One of the best ways to increase your water intake is to drink a big glass of water before you eat, which provides you with some extra hydration and has the added benefit of slightly reducing your appetite and ultimately decreasing your calorie intake.

Spice up your life

Like drinking more water, eating spicier foods is a minor change that can provide you with some weight loss results without requiring you to make any other lifestyle changes. Spicy foods will help by decreasing your appetite, particularly limiting your cravings for fatty, sweet, or salty snacks. The added spice also helps keep you from overeating by making you feel full faster. And, according to some studies, since spicy foods actually increase your overall body temperature, this could help your body burn more calories.

Of course, none of these things are enough to make you lose weight on their own – sustainable weight loss means you’re regularly burning more calories than you consume. But if you incorporate some of these habits and tricks into your diet and exercise program, you’ll be able to see some encouraging results that will help you stick with it and look fantastic in just a few months’ time.