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Flora Vegetal Silica, 90 Caps


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Silica the way in which Nature Anticipated! Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in this field and a significant component of well being, specially for epidermis, bones, locks and nails. Unfortunately, most of the foods rich in silica shed their useful silica content because of more than refining and handling. Supplements with a carefully ready and simply taken in kind of silica is really important. Vegetal Silica by Flora is actually made in accordance with Dr. Louis Kervran’s branded extraction method produced at college of Paris. He created the atomized aqueous removal process, wherein the vegetal silica is extracted from spring season horsetail using water instead of chemical solvents. Only silica cooked in this gentle manner produces a very bio-available silicate in the form of orthosilicic acid, which has been proven through investigation to work and entirely secure. This unique, mild removal method not just conserves the bioflavonoids required for the effective assimilation of silica, nevertheless ensures the retention of a spectrum of natural helpful minerals including calcium supplements, potassium, magnesium, manganese, boron, metal and phosphorus. Important characteristics * Each tablet of Vegetal Silica springtime horsetail plant products 9 mg of mineral silica * The silica in Vegetal Silica comes from an atomized aqueous removal technique that preserves silica’s normal structure with bioflavonoids, thus ensuring the highest bioavailability and absorption because of the body * This silica is extracted exclusively from spring season horsetail, recently collected for the spring whenever it contains much more dissolvable silica as a result of greater focus of bioflavonoids within the plant at that time * Contains a secure and easy to absorb silicate as orthosilicic acid * without any synthetic chemicals and preservatives * In an easy task to digest veggie capsules, suited to non-meat eaters and vegans * packed in environmentally-friendly amber cup containers


Each tablet of Vegetal Silica springtime horsetail herb items 9 mg of mineral silica
Contains a secure and simple to absorb silicate as orthosilicic acid
In an easy task to digest veggie capsules, suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Free of man-made chemicals and preservatives
Manufactured in environmentally-friendly amber glass containers


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