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Lumino Wellness Diatomaceous Earth People (1.5LB)


(as of 03/21/2018 at 17:57 UTC)

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Food Grade Diatomaceous world for Pets individuals by Lumino health 1.5 pound dust Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for dogs men and women 1.5 lb Powder Lumino Diatomaceous planet For dogs and folks is a substitute for harmful chemical substances it’s chemical no-cost and safe around individuals and animals. Foods quality Diatomaceous planet for glorious charm increased power and healthier vitality. Materials 100 Pure water Diatomaceous world mined naturally milled and bagged in america. It’s unheated amorphous (non-crystalline) silicon dioxide. For Pets blend a number of DE with kitty litter. Deodorizes and digests dampness. DE is odorless therefore it will likely not deter kitties by using the container. Softly dirt animals’ bed linen. DE will take in oils dirt and smells. Keep kennel places dry and odor-free. FDA features permitted DE for farming usage ever since the sixties. Numerous studies have shown eating DE results in enhanced pet health insurance and growth. Advised quantity is 2 dry weight. If blended with water use one teaspoon w



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